When you think about menopause, you may think about hot flashes, mood and libido changes, or other physical symptoms. But a comprehensive approach to menopause also manages risks to cardiovascular health, bone health, and all-cause mortality and provides an optimal opportunity to support patients as they look to maintain health for the rest of their lives. Join us for a fun and engaging discussion on how to take a whole-person approach to menopause management, considering natural remedies and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for optimal symptom relief and health optimization. From lifestyle modifications to personalized treatment plans, we’ll explore the various strategies healthcare practitioners can use to support patients during the menopausal transition and beyond. Plus, we’ll wrap up with a live Q&A session to address your burning questions on natural remedies, HRT, and lab testing!

Check out the second webinar in this series: https://plminstitute.org/event/addressing-hormonal-imbalances-in-the-menstruating-female-using-natural-remedies/

Bridget Briggs, MD
Mark Newman, MS
Malisa Carullo BSc, MSc, ND


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