For decades, the goal of the field of immunology has been to delineate detailed pictures of the processes involved in humoral- and cell-mediated immunity. Recently, a new field of study has emerged; this is the field of Systems Immunology, which incorporates all the various components of immunity fused into a comprehensible entity.

As clinicians, we begin with patient stories then utilize laboratory evidence to understand pathophysiology, root causes of illness and develop a treatment strategy.  However, the treatment plan is incomplete without a deep understanding of the immune dysregulation.

In April, PLMI, along with Cyrex, presented “Systems Immunology Approach to Predictive Medicine.” After an out-pouring of thought-provoking questions and generous feedback, the speakers are joining together for an exclusive PLMI event. Jeff Bland PhD, will sit down with faculty Aristo Vojdani, PHD and Dr. Kelly McCann to discuss further this new field, Systems Immunology.


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