We are witnessing a virtual revolution in understanding of the epigenetics of immune aging and how this may connect to immune function and later stage disease and all cause mortality. This is potentially big news and a major paradigm shift in thinking about immune system function and the impact of diet, lifestyle and environment on immune related health and disease. The recognition that immune system aging may be the best predictor of longevity, and immune system age is modifiable represents the basis for a new approach to personalized lifestyle medicine assessment and intervention.

This virtual education program brings together four recognized leader-experts in immune system function, immune epigenetics associated with aging, mechanisms of biological aging and personalized lifestyle medicine approaches to reducing immune age.

This is an educational program that represents the first of its kind providing information on immune aging and its relationship to health and disease. The focus of this 3-hour program is to provide clinical approaches to the assessment of immune age acceleration and how it can be reduced. This program lays a foundation for the creation of a new approach to longevity that employs personalized lifestyle intervention focused on improving immune health. You won’t want to miss this educational opportunity. It truly will be a frameshifting event that will provide clinical insight that you will not get anywhere else.

Jeff Bland, PhD
Mark Hyman, MD
Austin Perlmutter, MD
Robert G. Silverman, DC


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