Women’s Health Supplements

Women’s Health Supplements: 4 Protocols to Support Your Patients’ Health

Published On: July 19, 2023Categories: Health & Fitness

Written by Nada Ahmed, BSc

Throughout adulthood, women experience unique health concerns, such as pregnancy and menopause, which we can support with integrative therapies. Among Fullscript’s many resources available to practitioners, Fullscript protocols outline evidence-based therapies for various health concerns. These protocols, which serve as a foundation for building patient treatment plans, are based on high-quality evidence and clinical expertise.

This article specifically highlights our women’s health protocols, including the best women’s health supplements according to their particular health needs.

Supplementation around pregnancy, for example, can help decrease the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes and support the health of both mom and baby. (26)(34)(51) For those struggling with infertility, supplements may help optimize the chances of conception and a successful pregnancy. (10)(14)(40) Nutraceuticals may also help address hormonal dysfunction contributing to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) (42) or relieve symptoms of menopause. (2)(48) These protocols serve as a great starting point when determining which interventions and women’s health supplements are best for your patients.

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