effect of Plantago psyllium

Research update: A parallel, double-blind, randomized clinical trial on the effect of Plantago psyllium on cardiovascular markers in obese adolescents

Published On: January 31, 2024Categories: Health & Fitness

Written by Dr. Clara Sage Sartor, ND, BSc

Research Update articles are produced in order to keep practitioners up to date on impactful research that is relevant to the field of integrative medicine. These articles may contain summaries of recent studies, events, or other industry news that advance current knowledge and standards of care.

The following article summarizes the research conducted by González et al. titled “Reduction of small dense LDL and Il-6 after intervention with Plantago psyllium in adolescents with obesity: a parallel, double-blind, randomized clinical trial,” which was published in Springer Nature in 2021. (2)

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