The Burden of Food On Your Immune System

The immune system is constantly confronted with challenges ranging from infectious microorganisms, foreign proteins, xenobiotics, microbial metabolites, and food-derived immune reactive substances. Both the innate and adaptive immune systems are “programmed” by these exposures, and are epigenetically modified as a consequence of lifestyle, environment, and dietary factors. This virtual conference is focused on one of the principal factors that challenge immune system regulation- food. Food is a complex mixture of tens of thousands of different molecules. The digestion of macromolecules in food represented by proteins, carbohydrates, and polynucleotides results in the release of potentially immune active metabolites that may pose a further challenge to an individual’s immune system depending upon their genotype and functional status of their immune system. It is now recognized that the microbiome is involved in the metabolism of various phytochemicals found in plant foods that have their own impact on immune function. This free virtual conference will address the rapidly advancing understanding of the food-immune system interaction from the perspective of the faculty composed of recognized leaders in the field. The program will discuss how the immune system interacts with food and its breakdown products, how to assess an individual’s food-immune system sensitivity, the clinical and immunological difference between food allergy and food sensitivity, the role that digestive function and the composition and activity of the intestinal microbiome have on the food-immune system connection, and clinically how to personalize the diet based upon the individual’s specific status. This is a “must” learning opportunity to gain both understanding of the food-immune system relationship, and how to clinically apply new tools in the assessment and management of food-related immune issues.

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Apr 30 2022


9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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