Reflections and Clinical Applications of the 2021 Thought Leaders Consortium

The November 9,10 2021 Ninth Annual Thought Leaders Consortium was entitled “Immune Fitness: Healing and Optimizing Modern Immune Systems”. This was an amazing conference with a faculty of over 25 world renown leaders in both the basic science and clinical discoveries that have powered a dramatic increase in the understanding of the structure and function of the immune system. This two-day conference provided information that was both dense and exhilarating. As commented by a number of the attendees of the conference it was somewhat like “drinking out of a firehose” with regard to the number of clinical insights and opportunities that were shared by the faculty. In discussion with one of Personalized Lifestyle Medicine’s Executive Partners, Fullscript, it was decided that it would be very useful to host a review session of this year’s Thought Leaders Consortium to discuss the clinical “takeaways” from the November conference. With this objective in mind, each of the three faculty for this review session will highlight their impressions of clinical “news to use” from the November two-day conference that includes insights into systems immunology, the role of the microbiome in immunity, immune rejuvenation as a process, the role of epigenetic modulation of immune function, application of new insights in managing the Post COVID Syndrome, the role of specific nutrients in immune function, and lifestyle interventions and immune system function.


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Jan 31 2022


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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