New Approaches to Inflammation and Recovery: The Science of Collagen Peptides


The science surrounding the clinical benefit of specific collagen peptides has been advancing rapidly over the past few years. This work has demonstrated that collagen peptides represent a new class of nutritional therapeutics that influence various clinical conditions. Historically collagen was thought of as exclusively a structural protein that makes us our connective tissue and bones. Over the past decade, however, it has been found that small protein fragments of collagen termed “collagen peptides” have biological activity beyond that of collagen itself. This seminar will provide exciting new insights into the role of specific collagen peptides in inflammatory conditions. The faculty for this two-hour free webinar includes Dr. Leonidas Karagounis, Ph.D., who will discuss collagen peptides’ unique biochemical and physiological attributes, Ayla Bammer, R.D. M.S., discussing the clinical application of collagen peptides; and Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D. who will discuss the increasing understanding of the mechanistic influence of food-derived bioactive peptides on immune system health. This will be an essential introduction to this valuable family of collagen peptide nutraceuticals and their role in medical nutrition therapies associated with inflammatory conditions. This is a Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute event sponsored by Vital Proteins Professional.


Mar 29 2022


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