Applying Clinician’s Wisdom: Managing Chronic Autoimmune Activation

Applying Clinician's Wisdom: Managing Chronic Autoimmune Activation from PLMI on Vimeo.

It has been thought that the immune system is designed to recognize self from non-self and mobilize a response to threat. The historical explanation of this process has resided in understanding the role of the innate and adaptive arms of the immune system. The routine clinical assessment of immune function has principally been through broad determinants such as white cell count and differentials of the neutrophil/lymphocyte or neutrophil/platelet ratios. More recently, however, a more detailed understanding of immune system function has evolved to define better the nature and activity of specific immune cell subtypes. This has resulted in the evolution of a more personalized approach to intervention into immune dysfunction. In addition, it has been found through this more detailed understanding of immunity that diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors play essential roles in the modulation of immune system function. This has opened the door for applying personalized lifestyle medicine intervention to establish the integrity of the self versus non-self recognition processes.

This free virtual conference will focus on advances in understanding different immune identities and how these relate to infection, autoimmunity, and environmental sensitivity. In addition, a discussion of the origin of differing mechanisms of inflammation associated with imbalances of the immune self versus non-self recognition processes and how these relate to triggers associated with diet, lifestyle, and environment will be highlighted.

This understanding will discuss specific dietary and medical nutrition interventions and how they can be applied in a personalized immune system rebalancing program.


Sep 27 2022


All Day

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