Understand Your Genome

PLMI is very pleased to host the first Understand Your Genome® symposium, presented by Illumina, to take place in Seattle. The goal of the Understand Your Genome® symposium is to facilitate the adoption of clinical whole genome sequencing as a means to advance human health through responsible, targeted, educational outreach. The Seattle event is designed for those that seek to be among the first to understand and leverage genomics to aid in the management of both illness and wellness. llumina is pleased to announce subsidized pricing for this event.

Participation in the Understand Your Genome® symposium requires a registration and fee payment process that is separate from the Thought Leaders Consortium. Registered participants will attend this course from 8 am to 2 pm on October 13, 2017, immediately preceding the start of the Thought Leaders Consortium. Individuals who purchase a Full UYG Registration will receive the TruGenome™ Predisposition Screen, clinical reports of the findings, and a visual display of their genomic information on the MyGenome web application. Registration for UYG Seattle closes July 14, 2017, so please register early. Visit the UYG Seattle website to learn more about the course, the genomic testing process, and important deadlines: http://uygseattle.uygsymposium.com/

PLMI highly recommends attending the Understand Your Genome® symposium. Cost of a full registration is just $1900 and includes:

  • Attendance to the symposium.
  • Your whole-genome sequenced in a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory.
  • Technical interpretation of your genome across more than 1,200 medical conditions and response to 16 different drugs using the Clinical Interpretation Gene List and Pharmacogenomics Gene List.
  • Access to explore your genome in the MyGenome web application. This unique portal offers educational resources on whole-genome sequencing, as well as a forum to engage in discussions with other Understand Your Genome alumni.

At UYG Seattle you will learn:

  • The process of consenting, consulting, clinical whole-genome sequencing, and interpretation.
  • How whole-genome sequencing is being used in medical settings today.
  • The vital role that genetic education plays when considering the ramifications of whole-genome sequencing and its impact on biomedical research and care delivery.
  • Ethical considerations regarding clinical whole-genome sequencing.
  • What the future has in store with respect to genomics-based healthcare.

Click HERE to register now for UYG Seattle.

UPDATE: As of 8/7/2017, full UYG registration–which includes whole genome sequencing–is SOLD OUT. Limited seating for CONFERENCE ONLY registrations is currently available. Click the above link for more information.

Please note: Registration to UYG does not include registration to the 2017 Thought Leaders Consortium. The 2017 Thought Leaders Consortium is now SOLD OUT. For information about our wait list, contact Annette Giarde at annettegiarde@plminstitute.org.