The Detox Summit: Join Me at this Free Virtual Event


My career as a speaker and educator now spans four decades, so you can imagine that “firsts” are rare for me now. But—with the tech world’s seemingly unstoppable capacity for creating new ways for all of us to communicate—I will experience a “first” this year, and I’m very excited to tell you about it. The Detox Summit is a virtual conference—100% online and free to attend—that will take place August 4-10, 2014. My longtime colleague, Dr. Deanna Minich, is coordinating this event, and there is no one with more passion and enthusiasm for this topic (or indeed, for educating people about the dynamic relationship between food and self). The summit will feature discussions with more than 30 leading nutritional experts, including Dr. Alejandro Junger (The CLEAN Program), Dr. Woodson Merrell (The Detox Prescription), and Dr. Thomas O’Bryan (The Gluten Summit).


Why attend? Are you aware how many ways toxins can affect the following:

√ Your children (Autism, ADHD)

√ Your metabolism (weight gain/obesity, metabolic syndrome)

√ Your hormones (male and female, infertility issues)

√ Your immune system (cancer, Parkinson’s, allergies)

√ Your blood sugar (diabetes)

√ Your dental work (amalgams)

√ Your heart (cardiovascular disease)

√ Your liver and digestion system (intestinal dysbiosis)

√ Your brain (Alzheimer’s)

√ Your health (inflammation, stress, and nutritional deficiencies)


The Detox Summit is your opportunity to learn more about how to protect the health of yourself and your family—in short, how to stay clean in a toxic world. I encourage you to register today and spread the word.



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  1. I am excited to put the Detox Summit on my calendar and to tell my clients and colleagues about it. The more I learn about what toxins are doing to us and the importance of knowing how to protect our selves the better I will be prepared to help my clients and myself. Thanks for planning this summit. It’s greatly needed, timely, and I wish it was starting tomorrow!

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