Stacie J. Stephenson, DC, CNS


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In her “public life,” Dr. Stephenson, DC, CNS, DABAAHP, FAARM, is a recognized physician, lecturer and national lecturer on nutrition-based medicine, and was the host of the “Health News with Dr. Stacie” radio program. Dr. Stephenson studied medicine at St. Mathews University School of Medicine and earned her chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University. In addition to her years of experience in chiropractic care, Dr. Stephenson is also board certified in anti-aging and functional medicine, and is a board-certified nutrition specialist. She has worked with the Northwestern Health Science University Clinic, Abbott-Northwestern Hospital, and the Macari Clinic for Functional Medicine, where she also served as medical director and chief executive officer. In 2006, Dr. Stephenson founded the Carmel Clinic for Functional Medicine–the first clinic to provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy for children with autism. Dr. Stephenson champions holistic, patient-centric care in her approach to improving the lives of her patients. She understands the unique ways in which a person’s health is influenced by lifestyle, diet, environment, family and beliefs, and is dedicated to educating men and women on prevention and therapeutic interventions to heal and maintain health. She now shares her treatment philosophy in the cancer community, serving as Chairman, Functional Medicine at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, along with donating her time serving as a member of the Gateway for Cancer Research Board.

Dr. Stephenson was a former ice-skating star and “born entrepreneur.” She loves to ski (water and snow), and ride (horses, carriages, motorcycles, jet skis, et al), sail and motor yachting, and spend time traveling and dining.

While a global citizen in many respects, she believes her libertarian values are reflective of her Midwestern roots and deeply held views that our Founding Fathers “got it right.” Dr. Stephenson is a resident of St. Thomas, USVI, with homes in Illinois, Michigan, Colorado and Arizona.