Opinion Leaders

Our Opinion Leaders collaborate with the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute to provide strategic guidance, input on personalized lifestyle medicine, and help us to make our mission manifest and our vision visible.

Some of our Opinion Leaders include:


Tom Aarts

Bill Baer MD

Alice Bast

Mark Blumenthal

Dale Bredesen MD

Marc Brush

Corinne Bush MS, CNS

Roger Colman

Tom Curran

Audra Davies MS

Patricia Fitzgerald DAOM, DHM L.Ac, CCN

Mimi Guarneri MD, FACC

Martha Herbert MD, PhD

Laurie Hofmann

Mark Houston MD

Fred Howard

Mark Hyman MD

Loren Israelsen

David Jones MD

Aida LaSheen MD

Fred Linder

Woodson Merrell MD

Len Monheit

Roger Newton PhD, FAHA

Coco Newton MPH, RD, CCn

Joel Pizzorno ND

Graham Reedy MD

Scott Rigden MD

Joel Robertson, Pharm.D

Barb Schiltz, RN, MS, CN

Mike Stroka, JD, MBA, MS, CNS

John Troup, PhD