Personalized Lifestyle Medicine: Physical Activity and the Patient’s Story

From the moment we exit our mothers, our journey with movement begins. Learning to hold our heads up, then sitting up, rolling over, crawling, standing, walking, running, climbing…. Where does it end? It should never end. Unfortunately for some, the passion to move comes to an end at some point, and for others it continues. Those who lose the passion for movement can travel down a road of inactivity. The other path of a continued passion for physical activity eventually will lead to an injury and/or suffering from being under the weather. For these folks, pushing through the pain and illness can be unhealthy. This athlete needs to work to find balance between remaining physically active and staying healthy.

Personalized Lifestyle Medicine touches both stories. Listening to my clients, they describe their relationship with physical activity in the past, how it has transformed into the present, and how they want it to look in the future. This gives me, the lifestyle medicine professional, an insight into what this individual needs. My passion lies in the physicality of life, whether it be team sports, extreme sports, dance, or simple recreational activities like hiking or kayaking. I must not neglect my passion for eating foods full of color, for this is a way to bring physical color into our bodies, and the feeling of what nature has to offer our bodies to remain physically active.

My favorite part of my job as a strength conditioning and wellness coach is hearing my client’s story. It’s their emotions, expressed verbally, that inspires the program that we build together. I use the past to understand the present to build the future. It’s these stages of life that are explored to reveal why my clients are the way they are, and how I can guide them to be who they want to be. From there, I take them on a journey through a series of assessments that will serve as the building blocks for their personalized plan. All of the tools I use to guide my clients on their journey are all tools that have been passed onto me by my mentors over the years.

Understanding my own story with movement has revealed this passion of being there for others on their journey through movement. I acknowledge that I am an athlete, and need to be told it’s ok to take a day off to recover. I also, know how it feels to lose passion. I’ve experienced injury, leading to a loss of passion following a physician’s instruction to stop all the sports that keep me emotionally healthy. Thanks to Lifestyle Medicine I am able to partake in my passion for sports on one level or another. It’s the experiences of having passion, losing passion, regaining passion that has transformed how I express my passion in a way that fulfills my life. This passion for physical activity, sports, and transformation inspires me to practice Personalized Lifestyle Medicine.

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