Personalized Health and Genetic Testing: A PLMI Position Paper



Ponce de Leon’s legendary search for the Fountain of Youth exemplifies the human desire for a long and healthy life.  The innate, even desperate, belief in an elixir with magical rejuvenative powers demonstrates how mysterious and sometimes elusive health can seem to be.

As a result of the human genome project and subsequent research involving genetics, scientists have been able to unravel many of the mysteries surrounding health, disease and longevity. It is now possible to search within our DNA for glitches that could result in disease given certain environmental conditions.

As scientists learn more, access to details about our genetic make-up are becoming increasingly available. Labs that offer direct-to-consumer analysis have appeared on the scene. Healthcare providers have discovered the power of genetic testing as a diagnostic tool, one that can illuminate the underlying cause of a mysterious illness or previously unknown factor involved in a disease. (Download the full document below.)

This comprehensive 13-page report prepared by Dr. Deanna Minich and Brenda Dyson, MS, LMT, provides valuable insights into the complex and sometimes controversial field of personal genetic testing. Sections include:

– The Basics of Genetics

– Epigenetics

– What Genetic Testing Tells Us

– Prevention and Targeted Treatment — The New Paradigm

– How to Get Tested

– Glossary of Terms

– Laboratory Resource Chart

– References


Click here to download the report in PDF format:




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