Moshe Szyf, PhD

The Szyf lab has pioneered research in DNA methylation for the last three decades including biochemical, cellular and in vivo methods. Szyf has 280 PubMed listed papers on the biological role of DNA methylation that span a broad spectrum from basic mechanisms to translation to cancer diagnostics and therapeutics as well as behavior, neurosciences, chronic pain and addiction. The Szyf lab was the first to demonstrate that DNA methyltransferase plays a causal role in cancer, thus pioneering and launching the field of epigenetic pharmacology in cancer. Szyf lab launched the new field of behavioral and psychiatry epigenetics and developed methods for deciphering the signaling pathways linking maternal behavior and demethylation of the glucocorticoid receptor. Szyf used pharmacological methods to reverse epigenetic states and reprogram effects of maternal care as well as cocaine craving behavior. The Szyf lab has pioneered applying genome wide multidimensional mapping of DNA methylation, histone acetylation and transcription in behavioral models. The Szyf lab translated epigenetic discoveries to commercial development and the first Pharma in the world dedicated to developing DNA methylation drugs Methylgene Inc. started as a bench in Szyf lab.