Leslie Stone, MD, IFM-CP

Leslie P. Stone, M.D., IFM-CP, board certified in family practice, with a fellowship in surgical obstetrics.  She is an International lecturer on developmental programming of disease and application of individualized functional medicine care during pregnancy.  Her passion is helping parents capture the miraculous during pregnancy by changing habits, their lives and empowering  life in and out of the womb  She is the primary consultant for GrowBabyHealth.com,  an individualized nutrition and lifestyle program promoting generational health. She has been delivering babies since 1982 and has delivered nearly 5000 children. She is owner of Ashland Comprehensive Family Medicine—Stone Medical in Ashland Oregon where she continues to practice.

Her ongoing clinical research centers around aspects of the developmental programming of health, functional medicine approach to pregnancy, and comparing birth practices including vaginal births after cesarean and water births with other birthing experiences.

Her undergraduate degree from Washington State University in Physiological Psychiatry was followed by her MD from University of Washington Seattle, Internship in OB/GYN Oregon Health Sciences University, Residency at UCLA in Family Medicine, Surgical Obstetric Fellowship at UCLA Ventura and further Certification in Functional Medicine.

Growbabyhealth.com. and  Ashlandmd.com