Lead Toxicity. Still a Big Problem, and there is No Safe Exposure. Get Tested!


Did you know that the CDC just reduced the exposure limit in kids for lead to 5ug/dL? It was 10ug/dL before that. 5ug/dL: that’s only 50ppb (meaning 50 parts of lead within a solution of 1 billion parts other stuff).

We’re talking ITTY BITTY amounts are toxic.

It’s been a long time coming. If you watch trends over time, you’ll see that levels have been lowered and lowered and lowered again. No exposure to lead is safe. I would imagine we’ll see this 5ug/dL be lowered yet again.

When Dr. Betsy Redmond at Metametrix “datamined” lab values from kids tested for lead to see how many more would be toxic at this new level, she found 107 kids at the new level, as opposed to 68 kids at the old range.

To quote Cass Nelson Dooley (also a Metametrix technician), “I just want to point out that the new cutoff set by the CDC of 50 ppb (5ug/dL) is only set there because it is the 97.5% cutoff in the NHANES population of kids ages 1-5. However, they admit that no lead amount is safe for children. In other words, even CDC is stating that optimum lead levels in children is 0 ppb.”

Even CDC is stating that optimum lead levels in children is 0 ppb.


So, consider getting lead levels checked (annually) on yourself and your kids. If you’re high, any good integrative doc can assist with treatment and help you track down exposure sources.

Here’s an easy tip: Make sure you’ve got enough essential minerals! Lead can enter the body through the transport mechanisms our essential minerals use. So, we can inhibit absorption of lead by eating mineral-rich foods, like nuts and seeds.

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