Jude Gladstone Cade



For over 35 years Jude served clients in psychotherapy & coaching, leadership & organisational development, researched alternative healthcare, and aging.  Now having crested age 65, Jude brings breadth and depth working with people in their 60’s and older, meeting joys and challenges of aging.  Today Jude provides time affluence coaching for people longing to be peaceful in the expanse of time retirement offers. Together as Beloveds, Jude and Theo create and write for their own evolution and to inspire others. For more details on Jude’s professional life, see her at LinkedIn and her site, ConsciousRetirementCostaRica.com.

Living Aggressively Through Cancer is the journal of Jude Gladstone Cade while she met the challenges and opportunities of a breast cancer diagnosis. Deeply personal and a bit raw, her writing is an account of a journey of hope and optimism that includes facing the terror and fear associated with this chronic disease and coming round to a full rich life dedicated to healing and health.

Jude’s website: ConsciousRetirementCostaRica.com


Living Aggressively Through Treatment