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Our goal is to bring you the best information available about personalized lifestyle medicine.

• We have 12 Health Conditions pages, each featuring state-of-the-science video commentary by PLMI Founder and President, Jeffrey Bland, PhD, and PLMI Vice President of Education, Deanna Minich, PhD. Also for each health condition we have compiled extensive background information, which includes not only the facts of each condition, but also narrative and interview excerpts from some of the world’s leading experts in these fields. And we are proud to showcase blogs from PLMI Opinion Leaders that will take your understanding of each health condition to the next level.

• We have a dynamic community of bloggers who will be sharing their expertise and personal insights with you! Visit our blogger index to read more about this exceptional group, and if you want to add your voice contact us and let us know. Together we will transform health care!

• Our Multimedia Library is a living, constantly evolving resource! We will be adding documents for you to download, videos to watch, audio interviews to listen to, and useful links.

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