Hong Curley, LAc


Hong Curley is a health educator specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Born and raised in China, she was strongly attracted to ancient wisdoms of the East. She ran a successful health centre in Australia and had conducted over 38,000 private consultations over 15 years. Hong has been an International Congress speaker on the topic of psychological aspect of disease and healing.

Hong has now retired from her private practise and has become a publishing author. Her new book, “Stop Suffering Now!” is a life changing book that will gift you with a new set of tools to end suffering and heal your life like never before. In her revolutionary approach to health and healing, Hong reveals the secret about how to overcome the inherent resistance to change that prevents you from healing.

Hong re-enacts the details of her private consultations to reveal how real people, just like you, succeeded in overcoming their suffering and illness, and create a victorious life of freedom, love and joy.

If you are suffering from a bitter divorce, a nasty relationship, a family conflict, addiction, depression, physical sickness, inner emptiness, lack of purpose, loss of direction….you must own her book.

To heal your life, you must eliminate the cause of suffering. This can only be done via a drastic change of perspectives and a conscious paradigm shift. Hong’s work will show you how to do it.

Hong’s Website: www.mypowertoheal.com

Hong’s Blog: www.livewiseblog.com

Hong’s Humanitarian Foundation: www.aspire-nfp-foundation.org