Heather McLean, MS, CNS

Heather McLean Photo

Heather McLean founded the Creative Edge Dance Studio in Bethlehem, NH managing the studio and teaching dance for over 20 years. She sold the studio in 2008 to pursue her master’s degree in nutrition and become a Certified Nutritional Specialist (CNS). Heather currently works with her husband, Jeffrey Greenfield DO, in his private practice Manchester, NH as a nutritional counselor. She also has a community television show called Heather’s Health Talk. All of the videos can be viewed on her blog at www.heathershealthtalk.com.

Heather was driven to study nutrition in order to understand her own struggles with hypoglycemia, Lyme disease, and Neurological symptoms that conventional medicine only offered powerful pharmaceuticals to manage.

Heather’s website: www.heathershealthtalk.com


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