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Although it is hard to believe, December has arrived. The holiday season. A time to celebrate with family and friends, eat well (and healthily!), shop (and manage your stress about it!), and—though you may think you have too many other things to do—to take care of yourself

This month, PLMI invites you to a feast—a feast of information, guidance, and tips from our expert blogging community. “Tis the season,” as the saying goes. PLMI can help, and it’s never too early to plan ahead for a healthy new year!



Special Feature:

For Those With Celiac Disease, Eating Without Fear is Especially Difficult During the Holiday Season
Alice Bast 



Alice Bast – The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

Holiday time is a happy and exciting time of year, but people living with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity know that sometimes the joy of spending time with family and friends can be overshadowed by anxiety and fear of getting sick. Parties, cookie exchanges and dinners out are fraught with land mines that require skill, grace and confidence.  >>Continue Reading

Contributions From Our Blogging Experts

10-2012 KF head shot   Blog • Kara Fitzgerald, ND

For the Twelve Days of Christmas My True Love Challenged the Conclusion of the 2012 JAMA Meta-Analysis, Which Implied that Omega 3 Fish Oil Was Basically Useless

deanna2   Blog • Deanna Minich, PhD     Why We Should Eat According to the Seasons

cmm portrait   Blog • Carolyn Matthews, MD     The Physiology of Taste, or Transcendental Gastronomy

Peter 300 dpi   Blog • Peter Wilhelmsson, ND   Top 12 Reasons for Calorie Restriction

Chris Carreiro2   Blog • Christopher Carreiro    Expanding Our Vision of Health

Alisha 156 (amplified)-1 crop head shot 2 copyPublish   Blog • Alisha Chasey, RD     10 Secrets for Radiant Living


And finally (just in case…)

10-2012 KF head shot   Blog • Kara Fitzgerald, ND     OMG, I Have the Flu!!




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