FDA Moves to Ban Trans Fats

It’s not often that we get good news about our food supply. In fact, the average individual may feel that they do not really know what is in their food and whether many of the processed ingredients are healthy. It requires consistent education to understand what we are eating – about GMOs, food additives, the presence of microorganisms, and more. Today, it was announced that the FDA is proposing to eliminate trans fats from foods. The dangers of these synthetically-made fats have been recognized by health opinion leaders globally, which ultimately led to the requirement of their labeling by food manufacturers in 2006. Even though you may be an avid label reader, you may not be able to sleuth your way through all your restaurant eating. Fortunately, more actions are being taken to eradicate these harmful fats from the food supply, with the intention of having a positive upside on people’s health – less cardiovascular events, less deaths. We at PLMI are in agreement with the proposal as we believe it could tremendously improve the quality of people’s lives and reduce the chronic disease burden. The more we know about our food, the better choices we make, the more impact we can make on our health.

Read the news story: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/08/health/fda-trans-fats.html?_r=1&

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