Expanding Our Vision of Health

I recently traveled to South America and hiked to Machu Picchu, a historic sanctuary built by the Incas in the 1400’s and located in the Andes mountain range.   During my time there, a tour guide explained how this magnificent site and the surrounding trails were constructed in less than 100 years.  This is an astounding feat considering how extensive the trail system is and the sophisticated techniques used in constructing the buildings at Machu Picchu. My guide believes the Incas were able to accomplish such an incredible achievement due to their commitment to a vision larger than themselves. They viewed their work as a sacred means of honoring their creator and leaving a legacy to future generations.

When I reflect upon the collective vision of this ancient culture and the selfless way in which they united behind a mission far greater than their own personal needs and desires, I think about the power and the strength found in this type of movement and I wonder how we might create an inspiring vision of health that transforms our current global health crisis.  I believe the epidemic rates of obesity and chronic disease are calling each one of us to look in the mirror and consider the role we are playing in either solving or contributing to the problem. I think it is vitally important that we ask ourselves some challenging questions: What are we currently committed to (or not committed to) in relation to our health?  What do we want our health to represent to others?  What do we stand for?  How can we raise our awareness in order to view our daily decisions in the context of their greater impact on the world?

Although we all want to look and feel good for personal reasons, I feel we are living in a time that is inviting us to expand our vision beyond ourselves to consider the message we are sending to our family, friends, colleagues, kids, and future generations.  Are we going to leave a legacy of fast food eating or will we consciously choose to honor our minds and bodies by consuming nourishing, nutrient-dense foods and becoming embodiments of health and vitality?  Change begins one decision at a time and we all can begin this very moment to own our power in being the change we wish to see.

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  1. Wow I must confess you make some very trcahennt points.

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