Everyday Epigenetics: From Molecular Intervention to Public Health and Lifestyle Medicine

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD, published an article by the above title in the North American Journal of Medicine and Science in July of this year. She writes:

Although it is possible to design drugs to impact genetics, the path to truly proving safety and efficacy is long. Meanwhile, right now we can change our epigenetics through everyday choices such as eating high nutrient density food;avoiding junk food, allergens, toxicants and infections; getting plenty of exercise and sleep; minimizing stress; and nurturing each other better. These evolutionarily tried and true approaches have documented impacts on epigenetics. They can help us avoid disease, reduce disease severity and promote recovery. The serious chronic illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, autism and cancer can all be impacted greatly by addressing epigenetics through presently available everyday changes. Public health and economics as well as each person’s desire for the best possible life all dictate that we promote these affordable and practical everyday epigenetic interventions.

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