Crohn’s Disease

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A Case Study Submitted by Carolyn McMakin, DC



Personalized lifestyle medicine, functional medicine, adjunctive nutritional therapies, alternative and complementary medicine all are remarkably effective at improving chronic medical conditions. But no matter what you call the approach or how you use these methods to treat patients, they all have the same limitation – they cost too much and they take too long to change symptoms and produce healing. The ideal addition to these methods would reduce inflammation and increase cellular energy production quickly and enhance the effects of long term nutritional and lifestyle therapy. Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) has been shown to do precisely that. FSM’s effects are best illustrated by a case of Crohn’s disease treated for two years with primarily with nutritional and lifestyle approaches.

The patient was a 14-year-old girl diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in the small bowel two years previously. She had been hospitalized twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, for the previous two years and was headed for her fifth hospitalization on a Monday in May. She and her mother met with the gastroenterologist in the morning and were told to prepare for hospital admission on Thursday morning for the weeklong therapy of IV medication and bed rest.

The girl’s mother was a Chiropractor who used nutritional and lifestyle therapies in her practice. The young lady had been following an allergy elimination diet and taking supplements for gut repair including probiotics, fiber and digestive enzymes known to be helpful in healing the gut. It should been effective and yet she was painful, anorexic, and bloated and her abdomen was tender to touch. She hadn’t slept well three days because of the pain. All of these symptoms let them know that the Crohn’s disease was out of remission and it was time for another round of immune suppressants and steroids.

There was a nearby Chiropractor who had taken the Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) Core seminar a few months previously. FSM uses micro-amperage current and frequencies used in the 1920’s, primarily by medical physicians and osteopaths, to treat various conditions. The frequencies came from a list provided by an osteopath from England who bought a practice in Canada in 1946 that came with a machine made in 1922. The osteopath taught himself to use the machine and used the frequencies on the list to help a large number of patients with a wide variety of complaints. The list had frequencies for various conditions on one channel and frequencies for a variety of tissues for the second channel. The old two-channel plug-in-the-wall DC current machine wasn’t available but the frequencies seemed to have the effect described when they were applied with a standard two-channel micro amperage current machine used by physical therapists, acupuncturists and Chiropractors since the 1980’s.

The chiropractor treated the girl on Monday afternoon for about an hour with the frequencies described on the list as being useful for reducing inflammation, histamine response and other pathologies in the small bowel. At the end of the hour she was pain-free and hungry instead of anorexic; her abdomen was non-tender and free of bloating and she fell asleep on the treatment table for 40 of the 60 minutes. She returned the next day with her symptoms reduced but still present. Once again the treatment lasted about 60 minutes and once again she fell asleep on the table, became pain free, hungry, and non-tender with no bloating. She was treated every day with the same protocols and every day she improved. Each improvement led to the next level of improvement.

She was not admitted to the hospital on Thursday that week and she has never been admitted to the hospital since then. She continued to be treated daily for two weeks, then weekly for a month and then once a month for a year. She remained on the allergy elimination diet, the supplements, the probiotics, fiber and enzymes. Only now these nutritional and lifestyle changes have kept her symptom free and in remission for 10 years. She is 24 and is staring her first year of Osteopathic College.

How does FSM create these effects? First, it provides current that the body can use directly to make extra energy. Micro amperage current is current in millionths of an amp, the same kind of current your body produces on its own. A study done in 1982 showed that micro-amperage current increased ATP production in rat skin by 500%. (1) ATP is the chemical energy your body uses to create all cellular activities and repair functions. Just the current by itself would be expected to improve healing because it increases the energy available for the body to heal itself.

The frequencies appear to work by a process called biological resonance. Resonance is the tendency of a bond or mechanical system to vibrate very strongly at one particular frequency more than others. When a singer sings the note that shatter the lead crystal glass the note has to be precisely the frequency that holds lead atoms together in the crystal matrix.

Animal research done in the veterinary science department at University of Sydney in Australia in 2003 showed that only one frequency combination reduced inflammation in a well-accepted mouse model of inflammation. 40Hz on channel A and 116 hz on channel B was found to reduce inflammation in the mouse’s ear by 62% in four minutes. It was a time dependent response; half of the swelling was gone in two minutes; the complete effect was present in four minutes and further time spent on that frequency combination had no effect to reduce swelling. And none of the three other frequency combinations that they tried reduced swelling at all. (2) No prescription or non-prescription drug tested in this same animal model has ever reduced inflammation by more than 45% and nothing tested had ever created such a rapid reduction. The researcher hypothesized that the frequencies resonated with bonds inside the inflammatory chemicals and simply dismantled them.

When you combine the affects of current and frequency response in a rapid turnover tissue such as the intestines you can see how the treatment produced such a rapid change in function and repair.  FSM was originally used to treat physical medicine complaints such as nerve pain, fibromyalgia and myofascial trigger points. (3,4,5, 6) There is one frequency combination whose only known effect is to eliminate acute shingles. (7) Shingles patients are out of pain in twenty minutes and a single two-hour treatment will stop the shingles attack completely. But this frequency combination has no effect on the post-herpetic-neuralgia pain resulting from the viral nerve damage. The treatment acts as if the frequency combination simply dismantles the shingles virus.

There are no published papers yet on FSM effects in the visceral inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s or asthma. But, if the basic science research available for FSM and the clinical reports from over a thousand practitioners who have been using it for more than fifteen years hold up to formal study, we can expect that patients and practitioners have found a new resource. FSM is taught as a three-day practitioner course that includes the visceral treatment protocols in various cities around the US every year. The textbook, Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management is available on Amazon. (8)

FSM creates rapid improvement. But nutritional and lifestyle therapies are required to make that improvement lasting and eventually permanent. FSM makes everything we do with nutritional lifestyle medicine faster, more effective and less expensive. It is the perfect combination.


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