Christopher Carreiro

Chris Carreiro2

Chris Carreiro, MA, CSCS is a highly sought after transformational coach, personal trainer, and writer who educates and empowers people to make exercise, healthy eating, and mindfulness a way of life.  With several family members living with autoimmune disease, Chris has been on a quest to better understand the forces that shape our minds and bodies.  The last ten years of his life have been dedicated to examining the most effective strategies for optimizing health and healing from illness. Receiving his bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in transpersonal psychology with a specialization in transformational coaching, in addition to obtaining numerous certifications as both a personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist, Chris possesses a unique background that reflects his view of the mind and body as an inseparable, integrated unit.  Combining the mentorship he’s received from some of the top coaches and fitness professionals in the world while also extensively studying the ancient cultures of India and Peru, he has learned powerful practices for leading an active, mindful life.  His life mission is empowering others to do the same.

Chris views himself as a lifelong student who is always seeking to further his knowledge in order to offer his clients the most cutting-edge information and strategies for conscious, healthy living.  His absolute passion is assisting people in transforming their minds and bodies.


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