Calming the Mind and Body of a Child with Holistic Therapy

It’s spring and every child is somewhere on the spectrum of cabin fever. Even as adults we crave the feel of sunshine on our faces, need more daylight hours in our busy lives, and we ache for the long summer weekends of playing outside with our families. It’s as if we are sick and tired of being in our own bodies.

Let me ask you a question: What if YOU or YOUR CHILD felt like that all the time?

I’ve worked with children for many years and on one hand, I like to remove any preconceived notions I have about the client who walks into my office, and on the other hand, there are things that stick out like a twelve inch thistle on a perfectly manicured lawn.

A couple of years ago I got a call from the mother of a then 7 year old who was misbehaving in the classroom. She didn’t feel his behavior was intentional, though it was increasing to a point of receiving calls from school multiple times per week as her son was pushing and shoving other students.

At one time her son and my daughter were in the same school so I had a feel for who he was and the behavior she was telling me about just didn’t add up.

She was inquiring about doing some Craniosacral Therapy with him, and in the past I had seen the benefit of a series of 3-4 visits over the course of 4-6 weeks as a great way to boost the balancing out of the central nervous system, so she was on board.

Feeling his body during the first visit left me with the sense that he couldn’t get away from himself energetically. It was as if the actions of pushing and shoving, of reaching out with his limbs, was a way to preserve any space around him and at the same time “pushing” away the excess energy he was carrying. When I got to his hands and feet, his toes and fingers would bend around mine, clinging with this heavy sense of not wanting to release and let go. He is a funny kid, smiling and with a great sense of humor, so I told him stories about my own childhood to keep him interested in staying on the table.

But there was something else. I could “feel” that there was a food sensitivity, or at least that was what his tissue felt like. I have worked on this subject for a long time as well and there was this dry yet stickiness there that compelled me to have him sent to a practitioner for Nutrition Response Testing. The testing confirmed his body was having difficulty with dairy most prominently, then gluten and sugar. His mom worked at a local natural foods store, so access to the right foods for him was instantaneous and compliance was high.

Within the next three sessions he became less congested, more still and quiet on the table, more relaxed in his limbs, and to put it simply, he just got soft. He was willing and open and calm. There were no more calls home from school and he was getting comfortable in his own skin again.

This process of working with the body holistically not only heals the body but educates the family to increase awareness around how everyone is feeling not just physically but emotionally as well. Watching a family become empowered by working with them as a unit is so exciting and rewarding and the benefits, far more sustainable.

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