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Facing persistent health issues of her own — ranging from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, racing pulse, multiple food allergies and GI to skin conditions — and finding no real solutions through traditional medicine, Alisha Chasey, MS, RD, CNS turned to nutrition for help.  She tried everything, but this self-proclaimed “dessert queen” felt deprived and dissatisfied at every turn, and still struggled with some lingering issues.  She soon discovered through her journey in the kitchen of giving up sugar and turning to raw foods, juicing, fasting, candida and other specialty “diets,” that true health and wholeness come from making wise choices on every level — mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Experiencing amazing healing throughout her quest, it’s now her passion to encourage others to live out their destiny and love their life.

Alisha’s education and work experience demonstrate a diverse background of nutritional training.  She attended Virgina Tech and University of Arizona for her Bachelor’s Degree and completed her Master’s Degree and Dietetic Internship at Arizona State University.  She currently holds credentials as a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Registered Dietitian.  Her years in hemo and peritoneal dialysis centers and her time at a comprehensive cancer-care clinic clearly revealed the healing power of nutrition, as well as the painful downside to poor eating and lifestyle habits.  Her own healing journey and her life-long loves of chocolate and baking launched her into completing an Associate Chef Certificate at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and thus, the birth of Innocent Indulgence L.L.C.

May your life be enriched and may you experience a taste of radiant living through Innocent Indulgence! —Alisha


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