A Cardiologist Finds Functional Medicine

Three years ago, I came to functional medicine serendipitously. I am a cardiologist and I was looking for a break from the usual cardiology meetings when I attended a meeting on natural supplements at the Scripps Integrative Clinic in San Diego California. There I met Jeffrey Bland and Mimi Guarneri. Over the next three days, I was immersed in lecture after lecture, clearly and concisely supporting the use of various supplements, lifestyle, diet, and nutrients in the treatment of chronic disease with convincing scholarly evidence-based support dating back, not a few years, but decades. This is not a new idea; this was an established concept already successfully practiced of which I was totally unaware.

That weekend was a paradigm shift for me. It was an epiphany. Through Dr. Bland, Dr. Guarneri and other speakers, I was transformed both in my mind but also in my heart, seeing the truth before me. I applied these principles to my patients and saw benefits and improvements in their diseases where before I saw nothing but stagnation and decline.

I was renewed to say the least.

Functional medicine is personalized, evidence-based medicine. The patient is at the center of care, not the disease. As that concept takes hold, the entire practice of medicine will change and a personalized approach to medical care would naturally follow.

The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute is just the institution to spread the word and transform the world. Great change like this does not come easily; old, entrenched concepts are difficult to uproot, no matter what the evidence there is against them. However through efforts like the PLMI, linking like-minded people together, the changes will inevitably occur. I am honored to contribute to this movement.

I invite you to take part as well.

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  1. Here is what I posted to my Facebook page:

    “Patients, friends, family, please read this brief statement by a brilliant cardiologist! If you let it, it can be a powerful piece, moving you and those you love toward a healthier and safer life! – Dr. Young
    PS – my sincere thanks also to Drs. Bland and Guarneri!”

  2. Really quality information, thank you so much.

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