2014: The Year of Health!


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PMWCDr. Jeff Bland Speaks at the 2014 Personalized Medicine World Conference
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April Feature:

Vitamin D and Autism:
New Research by Dr. Bruce Ames


Dr. Bruce Ames, Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley and Senior Scientist at Children’s Hospital Research Institute in Oakland, California, has published a new paper with co-author Dr. Rhonda Patrick about their research on vitamin D and its potential relevance for autism. In the video above, Dr. Bland provides his analysis of this work. >>Watch Video


Ben Brown_100PLMI blogger, Dr. Ben Brown, provides his own insights on the paper in his blog titled “Solving Autism: Vitamin D and Serotonin Synthesis.” He writes:

Professor Bruce Ames is arguably one of the greatest thinkers and innovators in nutritional medicine of our age, so his most recent contribution concerning Vitamin D, Serotonin Synthesis and Autism will undoubtedly make big waves in the world of autism research, clinical nutrition, and beyond.

A recent groundbreaking scientific publication helps solve a number of mysteries that have faced autism researchers over the years. By exploring new nutrient-gene interactions, Professor Ames and coauthor Rhonda Patrick reveal novel biological mechanisms underlying autism that will undoubtedly help pave the way for new preventive approaches and better treatment. >>Read More


March Focus:
A Five-Part Series on ‘Omics’ by James Weiss, MD

2012 Dr Weiss


Learn about Dr. Weiss:


Since earning his medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine, Dr. Weiss has practiced medicine for over 30 years. Recently named among the top four percent of doctors by U.S. News & World Report, he is a highly regarded physician who completed his internal medicine residency at University of Massachusetts, his pulmonary fellowship under the aegis of Dr. Kenneth Moser, the late world-renowned lung expert at UCSD and is board certified in both internal medicine and diseases of the chest. >>Continue Reading

The Omics Blog by Dr. James Weiss – Introduction

Medicine has entered a new paradigm.  It started, in my opinion, in 2003 with the completion of the Human Genome Project and the publication of a paper by Waterland and Jirtle in the Journal of Molecular and Cell Biology(Aug. 2003, p. 5293 – 5300).  Upon completion of the Human Genome Project the entire sequence of our entire human DNA was known.  Waterland and Jirtle’s work showed that genes can be turned on or off by the effects of the environment in which an animal finds itself.  In medical school I was taught that one’s genes determine health, either good or bad, and that nothing can be done to alter that fate.  This has been proven to be wrong. >>Continue Reading

The Omics Blog by Dr. James Weiss – Part II: Diagnostic Odyssey

The ‘diagnostic odyssey’ will be the first stop on our journey of how the science of genomics is applied in clinical medicine today.  This term refers to the extensive, heart wrenching journey that a family must go through to obtain a diagnosis when a loved one has a condition so rare that a myriad of doctors, medical centers and testing do not lead to a diagnosis. >> Continue Reading

The Omics Blog by Dr. James Weiss – Part III: Cancer

Great strides have been made in the treatment of cancer.  Due to the science of genomics, doctors can offer their patients greater hope both for cure of their disease and also for prevention. >>Continue Reading

Parts IV and V will be posted next week. Check back often, and follow PLMI on Facebook for updates.


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