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If this is your first or your hundredth visit to the PLMI website we welcome your participation as a key player in the transformation of medicine.  You will find many “like-minded” agents of change in healthcare on this site.  We are all linked together whether we are health professionals, researchers, educators, policy makers, or enlightened health care consumers with the advocacy that the effective implementation of personalized lifestyle medicine will reduce the unnecessary burden of chronic illnesses. You will find the PLMI website to be continually evolving to reflect your thoughts, opinions, insights and innovations.  The more you contribute your thoughts through blogs on the site the more useful it will become as the global voice for the value of Personalized Lifestyle Medicine where genes meet lifestyle.

We invite you to take some time to navigate through the site and visit the content within the 12 health condition areas.  Read the blogs of global key opinion leaders. Take a look at the case histories related to successful application of Personalized Lifestyle Medicine.  Add your opinions, comments and views.  This is your website.  The PLMI staff is ready to assist in making it what you would like it to be, to help catalyze the evolution of healthcare delivery globally.

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