10 Secrets for Radiant Living

Instead of focusing on what you’ll be “doing without” for this year’s health goals, (which end up short-lived and a set-up of unrealistic expectations), make this a year where “die-ting” stops and living starts.  Whole Body Nutrition approaches health and wholeness differently, looking at the physical, emotional and spiritual components of life.  When these areas are in balance, you can truly enjoy and live life to the fullest. So make it a lifestyle with these 10 whole-body tips to give your body a quick boost and experience the benefits for a lifetime!

Choose a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Lifestyle

Eliminate lifeless, empty-calorie foods that have little-to-no value and even deplete the body.  Done correctly, you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of foods in their most natural, unprocessed, nutrient-dense states: lots of fresh, green, leafy, colorful veggies & fruit, nuts & seeds, good oils (omega 3s & coconut oil), beans, whole grains, and even some lean, quality (antibiotic & hormone-free) protein, if you choose.  Be sure to include the herbs and spices that are loaded with extra antioxidants and healing properties.

Drink Lots of Water

It’s essential to life, since it makes up 75 percent of your body.  It helps keep your entire body healthy and hydrated, transporting nutrients into the cells and clearing out toxins.  How much should you drink?  Divide your weight by two and that is the number of ounces you need daily.  Add extra to compensate for exercise, warm temperatures and when drinking coffee, tea or soda, which can dehydrate the body.


The “E” word with endless benefits.  It boosts the immune system, increases metabolism, relieves stress, improves moods, gives energy, strengthens bones, slows aging, removes toxins, and regulates blood sugars.

Soak Up Some Sun

Be sure to get a daily dose of sun on bare, exposed skin.  Recent research shows just how vital Vitamin D (made in your body from sunlight) really is for boosting the immune system, preventing cancer and diabetes, and maintaining the health of every cell of the body.


Take a good multivitamin to supplement and support any weakened body systems (i.e., blood sugar levels, heart health, hormones, thyroid, etc.)  A good multivitamin also helps boost the immune system and decrease inflammation.  With today’s nutrient-depleted soils, it is difficult to fully meet the body’s nutritional needs from food alone.

Rest, Relax and Refresh

We need rest, daily and weekly.  It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and the endless “to do” lists.  A majority of illnesses are related to stress, which affects numerous hormones and even brain chemistry levels.  It’s in times of rest and sleep that our bodies can unwind, rebuild and rejuvenate— even think, plan and be creative.  If we don’t get the rest we need, the body will often require us to stop, usually from illness or disease.  Be sure to take time to relax, reflect, read, pray, choose something fun to do, pursue your dreams, build relationships, and get enough sleep.

Live Clean

This may be the type of products you use (or start choosing to pass by), including chemical household cleaners, synthetic bath and body goods, and things that cause pollution, like plastic bags.  Cleaner living is also about decluttering stacks of unorganized “stuff,” and moving on from jobs or projects you don’t enjoy, or from unhealthy relationships.  Emotionally, living clean includes letting go of stuffed, toxic emotions, such as fear, guilt, bitterness, unforgiveness, shame, negativity and ungratefulness. Instead, choose peace, freedom, forgiveness, love, thankfulness and “intentional living.”


Pay attention to what you’re listening to.  The power of music and sound has an incredible impact on the body, with an amazing ability to heal and refresh.  Make a conscious effort to listen to music, stop and hear the beauty of nature, and even sing.

Speak wisely

Take some time to hear what you are saying and carefully filter others’ words to you.  Words hold power and have a profound influence on our lives.  Because we speak what we believe, our own words and even the words of others can be easily planted, growing in the soil of our mind and heart, resulting in a “harvest” that we may or may not want.  Realize their power and choose to shape your life and your future with your words.


You were made for a purpose.  Part of this includes giving to others the gifts, gems and resources that have been placed and grown within you from life experiences, education and training, as well as genetics and Divine design.  These were not meant just for you, but to be shared and poured out to enrich the lives of others.

So, see what happens when you step out of concentrating on yourself, what you’re giving up and feeling guilty over.  Resolve to focus your energies on what you’ll be “adding” for your physical, emotional and spiritual health as part of a new, fresh lifestyle and start noting the positive effects on your whole body…for a lifetime.

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